Zhou Pan

Zhou Pan mit Gisela Mahlmann Zhou Pan studiert Chemie und da er aus Hubei stammt, einer Provinz am Yangze, interessiert er sich besonders für Umweltschutz und Wasserschutz. In seinem Förderungsantrag schildert er seine Lebensumstände.

"I came from the countryside, and when I was only 5 years old, my mother died of a disease. From then on,my father has never married again. Unfortunately,he has a poor health and cannot work to get enough money to support the family.So my only elder sister had to quit school to help. I really appreciate what they have done for me. It`s lucky for me to study here..... As a college student, future is promising. I can`t say I will be the best, but at least I will try very hard to make the best. Thank you! Zhou Pan"

Nachdem er in die Hope-Förderung aufgenommen war, schrieb er uns auf die Frage, wie er seinen Lebensunterhalt verdient: "In the summer holiday I want to work in Shanghai. I can teach the lower grade's students some knowledge. And now I spent 4 hours to teach a student every week. At school I take 9 hours to be a teacher's assistant every week. So I can get enough money for myself. My father and elder sister have not to worry for my life. But I also thank you and your group. Three days ago, I have donated my blood. This was my third time to do it. I think I have got so many things from the society, I must do something to repay. So I did it. In addition, I just want to be a kind man. 2009 May 7 Zhou Pan"

Vor kurzem, im Frühjahr 2012 erhielt ich diesen Brief von ihm:

Dear Gisela Mahlmann,

I'm glad to hear from you.And I'm sorry to reply to you so late.Because I have just arrive at school for a week.I have not a computer at school or home.Today,I stay at foreign student office and use the computer here.

This term I have been a member of the group that need complete a project.At the final of last term,we successfully applied for a project.We want to make a disposable environmentally friendly lunch box.As we know,China has the most people in the world.We have polluted the environment so badly.We want to do a more environmentally friendly and cheaper disposable lunch box.The school to our team to provide funding for 10,000 yuan and the project will last two years.So now we have to prepare for the project.Everything is hard in the beginning.I'm busy now.

I hope you will forgive me for not having written you for so long.

Best Wishes. Yours, Zhoupan

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