Bu Xiaoshuang

Bu Xiaoshuang Die Masterstudentin Bu Xiaoshuang schrieb uns: "Thank you very much for your help that Mr Li Shushan has transfered 4000 yuan to me for supporting my study. I'm a post-graduate in the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, major in Applied Mathematic. I am 24 years old. I came from a village in Shandong. My parents live their life on farming. Before I came here, I studied in Shandong Normal University and the four year's tuition in college have put a heavy debt to my family. Furthermore my mother had an operation on her legs last year which costs 5000 yuan. Now I am preparing for my master paper. During this time, I would do some surveys and need search a lot of references. Though I must go to job as part-time teacher for Children in my busiest school life of my classes, this can not satisfied my study cost. My younger sister is now in Vocational College to study in Shandong. Her tuition is 3000 yuan for a year. After my post-graduate school life, I want to be a teacher. My dream is putting my knowledge to the children. So they will come out their dreams better. I'm glad to receive your donation. Best wishes Xiaoshuang-Bu"

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