Peng Minghong

Peng MinghongMit Peng Minghong hat sich seit Beginn seines Studiums ein sehr regelmäßiger Austausch entwickelt. Hier ein Bericht aus seinem ersten Studienjahr 2009


Dear Mahlmann ....
I was given a vacation on nine of july. Because a year I did not go home, I miss my parents very much. I went home and I came back to school in September.
My house is located in a remote village of Guizhou, there is no net, so I have no chance to enter my E-mail, and so I just now reply your E-mail.
I stayed in home and did not go to any other place. Because my father got disabeled in an unfortunate traffic accident. I will be a Juniors, maybe I  have no time to back home in the next years, so in my vacation I stay with my parents
I have sung a song to you, I do not kown whether you can remeber it, I must graze cattle when I am only five years old, it is the only thing I can do in my family, so at that time only whistle with my companions, I will prepare another beautiful song for you when we meet next time, wish you like it.
Looking for ward to meet you again, you are the example that I need to learn, so strong and so caring, waiting for your coming, wish you good health and happiness every day.

yours pengminghong                                                                                   2009.9.22

Im August 2011 schrieb er - und was uns alle besonders freut, er ist auch wieder ein Beispiel dafür, dass Helfen ansteckend ist

Peng Minghong bei seiner SchulbuchaktionDear Mahlmann:
I am Minghong Peng,the student of Shanghai science and technology university: now I've graduated and working in Lotus supermarket which belong to Chia Tai group.

University two years, Thank you very much for helping me. Led me smoothly - who live in rural areas - the way through college. After graduating this year very well, I got a job in the company of my senior year internship to do the work in terms of personnel. My salary is 4350 yuan per month. (Das entspricht ca 520.-€) I deduct the monthly rent, meals, transportation, telephone, books, etc. must be spending the money, I can save 1,000 yuan / month look!!

I have considered it a work man, here I have a presumptuous request, Miss Mahlmann I hope you can agree, I want to participate in your team full of love, Because I just graduated, lacks the money, but I wish I could devote my a strength, I can save 100 yuan per month to participate in the team, then I can fund a year the children $ 1,000. Because my hometown is very poor, I have been a child of other funding, I work, I had to honor my commitment, help those children in need....

Look forward to your reply. ... Peng Minghong

Er hat nun selbst die finanzielle und auch Betreuungsverantwortung für ein Kind aus seinem armen Heimatdorf übernommen. Unsere Hilfe war ansteckend. Und er organisiert jedes Jahr einen Markt für gebrauchte Schulbücher, damit die Schüler aus armen Familien sich die Bücher günstig oder gar geschenkt bekommen. Hier seine mail vom 2.6.2012

June 1

Dear Mahlmann,

I go back to school to carry out the second session of the donated books, school volunteer service teams to collect from the senior graduates to nearly 500 books, and then presented to the Literary brother sister. Another good news is that, due to the excellent performance of routine work, on the 26th of this month, will attend a one-week study tour in Thailand.

Ähnliche Berichte haben wir von vielen unserer Hochschulabsolventen bekommen und auch die Oberschüler, die wir unterstützen, wollen später anderen zu besseren Bildungsmöglichkeiten verhelfen. Im November 2011 habe ich ihn wieder in Shanghai getroffen. Er berichtete stolz, dass er jetzt nach dem ersten halben Jahr in der Firma zu einer Weiterbildung nach Südchina geschickt wird.

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