Zhang Lin

Zhang Lin

Zhang Lin aus Wulian hatten wir durch die ganze Schulzeit hindurch gefördert. Sie schrieb mir nach der Hochschulaufnahmeprüfung im Sommer 2010:

Dear Mahlmann,

I have received your mail. I am so glad to hear your encouragement.

I will start to study in september. My mark is 591. I want to challenge myself...... my father died five years ago. I have a brother who has married and has a beautiful daughter whose name is cheng cheng .......My mother and I live in Wulian county. She works hard on farm to earn money.

My annual fee is 6000 yuan. It is a large number. So I will have to loan money from the country. My family will support my daily expense. All people will help poor people.I have decided to donate my favourate books to poor children who can't afford to buy books. My teachers always teach me to help others as much as possible. My family support me to do that even though some people regard me as a foolish.I'm a little sad. So I don't have enough courage to appeal on more people to attend this activity. I don't know how to do. Can you help me?



Wir unterstützen Zhang Lin weiter. Wir haben sie im April 2012 in Jinan getroffen. Sie ist eine sehr interessierte und kritische Studentin. Politische Wissenschaften und Journalismus sind ihre Fächer. Aber sie schaut weit über den Tellerrand ihrer Studienfächer und stellt viele Fragen und vieles infrage. Ich bin in regelmäßigem Mailkontakt mit ihr.

Hier ein Beispiel für ihr nachdenklicher und auch empörter Blick auf Entwicklungen in ihrem Land. Im Herbst 2011 schrieb sie:

mail vom 18.10.2011

Dear aunt:

How are you? and the best wishes to you. I don't know whether you have heard the news that happened in Guang Zhou province of China. A very lovely 2 years old little girl whose name is Yue Yue was hit by a car. this was just a very ordinary traffic accident, but now, it sparked outrage of all the people of China. Through the screen video, we can see ,when hited the little girl , the driver paused, overwhelming feeling thing, but he did not  get off, but continued to launch the gas....

The little girl cried  on the street, people passed by as usual, some people pretended not to see , some people just looked at the injured little girl, then hurried away. Nobody helped her, and no one called the police . What shocked our heart is that the second car run over the little body!! still, no one helped her. Until an old lady appeared and this little girl was just picked up! Till this moment, 18 persons had passed without caring. The event, strong hitting every conscience of the heart of the Chinese .

why? what happened to China? Why are people so cold?? ... Why do we fear to help others? Why are we so selfish? Why do we always neglect our lives, other's lives? What happened to us those years?  What exactly happened to our society? What can I should / will to do ? I don't know! I really don't know!  people  around us are in despair , or they ignore those things, because they just care about their own interests.

I opened the computer everyday, the news only tells me the horrible things. the famers were killed, somebody was stolen, the conflic between with the rich and the poor, the journalist was killed because he reported the  hogwash oil......everything everthing and everthing has a black side......    I really can't find answer!   Could you tell me? Yours Lin Lin

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