Wu Peihong

Wu PeihongWu Peihong aus Henan unterstützen wir seit Beginn des Studienjahres 08/09 "I am writing this letter to thank you for your charitable heart. I have already received your endowment. Thank you very much! I am a postgraduate in University Of ShanghaiFor Science And Technology (USST). I major linguistics. I come from Yuzhou county, Henan province, China. My hometown is a small undeveloped village in remote and inaccessible area.

There are 4 family members in our home: father, mother, younger sister and me. Parents have been over 60 year's old and illiterate farmers. In early times, my father went to work in a private coal mine. One day, the mine collapsed suddenly and smashed his right leg before he realized the danger. At that time, due to medical conditions, there was no cure. Therefore my father became disabled since then. Not to mention the labor, walking is not a handy. As the age increases, father's health is also deteriorating. Two months ago, because of the stomach, he had an operation in a city hospital. Mother is only a housewife. she has broken down from constant overwork.

My younger sister is a grade-two high school student in the county. She also needs a few thousand RMB a year in tuition and living expenses. There is no source of income at home, except selling part of the food to make ends meet. Mother sometimes goes out to earn some pocket money by doing heavy works. This may simply not be able to pay the huge fees of my sister and me. The family has long been living beyond our means, and owes lots of debt. I am a diligent and independent girl. My school has always been very good. So despite the bad conditions of the family, parents still insisted on me going to school. After entering university, I have always done part-time jobs in weekends, the winter and summer vacations. By doing this I earn enough of my own living expenses and pay off the loan of one year (I have granted loans for 3-year's tuitions).

I have a lot of hobbies, such as climbing, traveling, reading and so on. Climbing makes me physically strong, and reading spiritually sound. Especially I love reading classic novels, whether Chinese or foreign. In my opinion these are the essence of culture and people can understand many principles through reading. I desire to learn more, so I am determined to further study and become a postgraduate finally. I decided to study English proficiency so that I will be able to do translation and foreign trade business in a foreign company, or enter into a high school as a linguistics teacher.

I hope to enjoy what I learn and try my best to do something in order that all of us will have a better life. I am looking forward to your visit to China when I will be able to pay back some of the kindness.

Best regards

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